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She was born in a small town in the south–she knew what Praying For Sheetrock meant before reading it. She graduated from Louisiana University in creative writing and American literature. She has published two novels, and short stories, poetry, book reviews, and essays in various, mostly academic, journals, some prestigious, some not so much. She has always had a craze for the academic or campus novel; there is something eternally fascinating about Americanus Professorious. As a college professor she thinks that interest is not abnormal. She first wrote a book on a subject that also fascinated her, death, and a bumbling love struck funeral home worker; then she turned to her first love, the campus novel, fervently believing to this day it recreates a microcosm of the real world. Her postmodern protagonist is a cross between Miss Jane Brodie and Lucky Jim. She is a professor in a university in the south, LSUS, Shreveport.