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Career Prospects

Identified Career Paths for English Graduates:

The BA in English program is a globally recognized graduate degree in its different prospective areas. After completing the graduation in this discipline, an English graduate has tremendous potential to work in the following areas in Bangladesh and beyond which are as follows:

Local Job Market:

  1. Teaching position at school (mainly English medium schools), college and university as “Assistant Teacher” in high schools, “Lecturer/ Junior Lecturer” in colleges/ and “Teaching Assistant” in non-government universities in Bangladesh
  2. “BCS cadre/BCS Non-cadre” in all sectors and “Administrative Officer” in all departments of Bangladesh Government
  3. “Public Relation Officer”, and “Junior Officer” in corporate sectors
  4. “Public Relation Officer”, “Administrative Officer” and “Front-desk Officer” at foreign embassies in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  5. “Junior Manager”, “Public Relation Officer”, and “Administrative Officer” in BGOs, Bangladesh
  6. “Script-Writers”, ‘Content Developer”, “Concept Generator” “Dialog Writer” and “Editors” in the Advertisement Industries
  7. “Reporter” “Writer” and “Sub-Editor” in Print and Electronic Media
  8. “Freelancing (Outsourcing) Writer”
  9. “Writer” in any publishing companies in the country
  10. “Sub Editor” in publishing companies in Bangladesh
  11. “Translator”
  12. “Public Relation Officer” “Overseas Relation Officer” and other positions in RMG Sector Jobs / Buying Houses
  13. “Tour Guide” and “PRO” in Tourism and Hospitability Industries
  14. “Executive” in Call Centers


Regional and Global Job Markets:

  1. “English Teachers” in high schools/institutions in our regional countries such as, Bhutan and Maldives, Middle Eastern countries, such as, UEA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Asian countries, such as, China, Japan, South Korea and African countries such as, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco
  2. “Translator” and “Sub Editor” in print and electronic media in global contexts
  3. “Administrative Officers” or “Public Relation Officers (PRO)” at NGOs in overseas countries
  4. “Administrative Officers” or “Public Relation Officers (PRO)” in UN Peace Keeping Missions in some African countries