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Outcome -Based Education (OBE)

The BA program in English put emphasis on learner-centered classroom and effective learning outcomes. Considering the national and global context, it has embarked on Outcome Based Education (OBE).

Program Educational Objectives:

The program educational objectives (PEO) are the broad statements set for long term. These objectives elucidate the expected achievements by the learners in terms of their career and professional development after the program of the studies, usually within 4 -5 years or more after graduation.  The PEOs of BA in English are driven from the Vision and Mission of IUBAT and the program. As the PEOs can be minimum three and maximum 5/4, we have set five PEOs. The set PEOs are:

PEO1: Our graduates will have successful professional careers in the local, regional and global organizations by demonstrating intense professionalism and upholding professional, social and ethical values that are highly needed to establish a sustainable future for all.

PEO2:  Our graduates will grow/develop sufficient knowledge of English Language, Grammar, English Literature and Applied Linguistics in order to creatively apply the philosophies and techniques in all relevant fields.

PEO3: Our graduates will be equipped with a wide range of diverse skills including communication, interpretative, analytical and leadership skills that will make them holistically sound and competent

PEO4: Our graduates will grow/nurture the spirit of lifelong learning and be self motivated to be in long term pursuit of knowledge both for personal and professional needs and thus will be recognized as competent graduates who are updated with the knowledge of contemporary issues and capable of responding to national and global needs.

Program Learning Outcomes:

The Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are the statement of abilities/attributes the learners should possess. These outcome statements describe what knowledge and abilities the learners are supposed to have and what they are able to perform by the end of program studies. Upon the successful completion of the B.A in English program, the learners will acquire the following graduate attributes:

POs Graduate Attributes
PLO 1:


Literary and Linguistic Knowledge

Demonstrate mastery of the discipline by detailing the development and current practices of literary and linguistic theories, rhetoric, and grammar

PLO 2:


Practical Ability

Demonstrate mastery of the discipline by characterizing, instantiating, and critiquing the dominant critical theories, methodologies, and practices in the field.

PLO 3:


Critical Thinking

Demonstrate a critical awareness and knowledge of the literary, cultural, artistic, socio-historical and theoretical contexts in which literature is written, produced and read.


PLO 4:


Lifelong learning

Recognize the importance of lifelong learning and develop the motivation and ability to be engaged in independent learning for long term


PLO 5:



Grow sense of ethics and practices social and ethical values both in personal and professional life


PLO 6:




Communicate the thoughts and ideas to the audience and accomplished in four language skills


PLO 7:


Transferrable Skills

Develop a variety of transferable and employability skills through practice and application, such as analysis, judgment, attention to detail, technical ability and professional knowledge


PLO 8:



Analyze the internal structure of contemporary English, including knowledge of its phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexis, discourse analysis and pragmatics

PLO 9:


Modern Tool Usage

Use ICT to produce documents and other materials using a computer primarily through word processing but where appropriate using other software

PLO 10:


Text Creation

Articulate knowledge and understanding both in oral and written form appropriate and applicable to different audience


PLO 11:



Benefit from interdisciplinary nature of both English literature and linguistics by linking them to other related studies through subject areas such as English language teaching, ESP, Creative Writing, Editing and Media

PLO 12:


Problem Analysis

Identify appropriate areas where analysis is indispensible to reach a conclusion both in literary and linguistic contexts and  provide appropriate interpretations and recommend relevant suggestions