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IUBAT English Alumni Association (IEAA)

IUBAT English Alumni Association (IEAA) is an association of its graduates. As it is a new program, there is no graduate but the structure of the alumni association has been created. The association will be fully operational as soon as the first batch graduates from the university. The association is supposed to maintain connection to the graduates. It is also supposed to organize different social functions and initiate activities like fund raising, newsletters publishing etc. This association works for building a strong network among the graduates and recruiting organizations to form new friendships and relationships with the people of similar background.


The objectives of IUBAT English Alumni Association are:

  1. To exchange ideas among the members of the association and thereby share each other’s experiences
  2. To establish and maintain a good relation among members of the association and the organizations where the members serve
  3. To contribute effectively to the long-term progress of the program.
  4. To compile and publish of “Resume Book” for the Job Seekers.
  5. To make effort for suitable employment opportunities for the members.
  6. To undertake social and voluntary services for national interest.
  7. To heighten the image of the program


The association offers a number of facilities for the graduates.

Job Opportunities: IEAA has created strong network to benefit the alumni and the current students. It provides information on employment opportunities to the unemployed current students and alumni. As much recruitment take place through internal communication, such vacancy information and strong rapport help learners in locating good number of job opportunities.

Offering Expertise and Mentoring

Alumni make the graduates and postgraduates aware of the pros and cons of different jobs, employers’ requirements and to build a strong rapport with the employers. They share the wealth of experience and skills with the current students in a platform where both can interact. The established alumni also conduct such sessions to facilitate the convenient recruitment of their younger. Students can be familiar with the effective career paths and the strategies they should adopt to find an easy recruitment. The career mentors, either the alumni or the executives, play a great role here by guiding the job seekers about the skills required in real-world job context and thus, they increase the confidence of the potential graduates.

Resource Sharing

In any job communication, either oral or written, the applicants need a number of resources to produce appropriate documents in job interviews. Alumni supports the graduates in such cases by organizing sessions on different themes like ‘Writing Effective Job Application’, ‘Preparing a Good Resume or CV’,  and ‘Strategies Job Interview’, ‘Preparing Effective Portfolio’. Alumni also

Hiring Opportunities: The association invites the established alumni and other potential employers to visit the university campus and interview the students. Such initiatives encourage the students and provides facilitate screening process in job recruitment.