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Dr Md Momtazur Rahman

Professor and Chair
PhD in English Language Studies (National University of Malaysia)
MA in English Language (Putra University of Malaysia)

Room # 106 Ext # 155

Dr Md. Momtazur Rahman was born in Chuadanga, Bangladesh. He is a Professor of English and Head of the Department of Languages, IUBAT. Dr Rahman has been serving his teaching profession in IUBAT since 2008. Earlier, he taught English courses to the undergraduates at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the National University of Malaysia. He achieved his highest academic degree, PhD in English Language Studies from the National University of Malaysia. He also obtained his MA in English Language from Putra University of Malaysia. He gained his first degree, BSS (Hons) in Sociology as an honor’s (major) subject, along with English Language and Political Science as subsidiary (minor) subjects from the University of Dhaka. He authored five international articles, one book chapter and two books. He is the reviewers and members of three International journals (peer-reviewed): the Universal Journal of Educational Research, the Global Association of English Studies, and the Journal of Studies in Linguistics and Literature.

His expertise includes English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Language Needs Analysis, Syntax, Morphology, Phonetics, ELT, Curriculum Development, Materials Development, Research Methods in ELT, Public Speaking, and Advanced Grammar. His current research activities include materials development and error analysis in IUBAT context. He presented papers in some international seminars in Malaysia. He is well versed in writing, speaking as well as reading and listening. In 2019, he authored a grammar for ESL learners, published by Scholars’ Press, based in Germany and Latvia. He is a proficient column writer and regularly writes articles in the editorial and Op-Ed of the Daily Observer (a National Daily News Paper in Bangladesh) and other papers as well.