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Ariful Insan Emon

Associate Professor
MA, in English (JU), BA Hons in English (JU)

Room # 812 Ext # 208

I am Ariful Insan Emon. I was born in Razbari district in 1984. I come from a small family. I have one brother. My father was a government bank officer. I started my education of Bogura Cantonment Public School. I passed my SSC Examination from Faridpur zilla School in 1999 and HSC from Govt.Yasin College in 2001. After passing HSC I studied at Jahangirnagar University in the Department of English, and I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from there.

At the University I was involved in many cultural activities like drama, wall magazine publication, organizing cultural programs. Since then I started to write and direct television drama and many of my dramas have been telecast on various TV channels. I am still writing TV dramas for various channels.

I started my career as a lecturer in the Department of English, Presidency University, and I decided to make my living by teaching because I like to teach very much.

Writing is my passion. I like to write many things like poetry, sort story novel, drama, article for newspapers, etc. Now I am trying to write a book for university level students named “Basic English Communication Study” I hope this book will be published by this year.